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Here in the Montgomery area,

When it comes to mold, we don’t play nice.

Mold and mildew removal in Montgomery area, including Prattville, Wetumpka and Troy is often a frustrating process. Due to our state’s humid weather – and the tendency for buildings to experience water intrusions – many homes and businesses experience mold growth, sometimes leading to illness for the occupants. And yet, even with this widespread problem, finding a trustworthy mold removal company is extremely difficult, since mold remediation is an unregulated industry and anyone could claim to be a mold removal expert.

If you find yourself scratching your head in confusion when searching for a mold and mildew removal service in the Montgomery area, we invite you to contact Biosweep of Alabama. Our residential and commercial mold removal company is unique in our approach, which has led to our success. We combine advanced technology (our Phocatox technology) and great customer service to achieve extraordinary results.

Top-rated – We are an elite service provider for where we consistently receive high reviews.

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BIOSWEEP of Alabama, LLC - HomeAdvisor Elite Service

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