BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE provides a safe and effective defense against germs, bacteria and viruses.

Surface Defense is a process that involves the application of an antimicrobial protectant coating using electrostatic spraying techniques, to coat every square inch of exposed surface area. Surface Defense binds to walls, ceilings, floors, countertops, doorknobs, and light switches etc., killing disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, and odors. Our product can provide you with durable antimicrobial protection that will continue to disinfect 24/7 for up to 12 months!!! . You don’t have to take our word for it, we can prove it with a quick and easy demonstration, right in front of your eyes!

Potential applications for our Surface Defense includes waiting areas, restrooms, offices, countertops, kitchens, cafeterias, gym equipment, hospital equipment, etc. Most of our clients are in the foodservice, hospitality, retail, childcare, and healthcare industries. We can also apply Surface Defense to private homes and offices as well.

Even if you already have a cleaning service in your facility, Surface Defense can considerably enhance your disinfecting efforts and help you save money, since this process will dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning material used. You will also be attracting new customers looking for a safe environment for their loved ones. We also can verify in real time for you if the cleaning process you have in place is effective with our ATP surface testing system.

Let BIOSWEEP® partner with you and help you implement a personalized sanitization plan for your company, office or private home.

Our BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Application Program consists of a two-step process:

    1. Surface decontamination using the revolutionary BIOSWEEP® 1100 to eradicate any pathogens and odors from the area to be treated. Virtually breaking down any carbon based organisms.
    2. BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense electrostatic application to act as a shield and prevent any new pathogens from attaching themselves to the treated areas. High traffic areas , bathrooms, HVAC coils, ductwork and even filters for the HVAC are included. Giving you a broad spectrum of coverage.

Our Maintenance and Certification Program, includes:

    1. The initial spray application.
    2. Routine performance ATP monitoring (quarterly).
    3. Re-application (spot treatment) as deemed necessary (included in initial cost).

This service can be structured in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments to work with any type of budget.

As part of our program, you will receive a Surface Defense Certificate that guarantees that all specified surfaces have been properly treated and that the product has been independently validated to reduce microbial growth by >99.99% on many treated surfaces. You can display this certificate in highly visible areas of your building, so your clients can be assured that the building is clean and that you are providing them with an excellent service.





Montgomery, AL
Prattville, AL
Wetumpka, AL
Auburn, AL
Opelika, AL
Alexander City &
Dadeville, AL
Birmingham, AL
* Hoover, AL
Troy, AL
and points in between


Residential Mold Insp. $150
Crawlspace Insp. $150
Attic Insp. $150
Mold Testing -$100 ea / first 2 samples, $75 ea / 3rd + samples
Mold Removal - size & scope dependent
Residential Odor Removal -
.50 sq ft w/8 ft ceilings
Auto Deodorize - $250, satisfaction guarantee