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Odor Removal

How does BIOSWEEP work?
The proprietary equipment uses photocatalytic oxidation to get rid of surface and airborne contaminants.
What is BIOSWEEP used for?
Mainly, the BIOSWEEP program is used for removing odors caused by air and surface contamination, which is virtually all odors.
I have cooking odors. Can BIOSWEEP help?
Yes! If you have a home or restaurant with set-in cooking odors, such as curry, we can eliminate them with BIOSWEEP technology.
Can you use BIOSWEEP technology in my car?
Absolutely. As long as whatever was causing the odor has been remediated, BIOSWEEP technology can eliminate the odor in your car.
Can BIOSWEEP technology kill mold?

BIOSWEEP technology is a critical component of our mold remediation process and what sets us apart from other companies. Once we remove mold from a property, the BIOSWEEP technology kills any remaining surface or airborne mold that may remain.

Does the BIOSWEEP system work on odors from a fire?
BIOSWEEP works exceptionally well on contents and structural restoration after a fire. Clothes, furniture, or other valuables can usually be deodorized with just one treatment.
Does the BIOSWEEP system use chemicals?
No, the BIOSWEEP system uses just the oxygen and water already in the air. That’s not what most people think of when they think “chemicals.” We will use chemicals for other services though, like mold remediation.
Will BIOSWEEP technology damage fabrics?
No. BIOSWEEP technology does not hurt carpets, upholstery, or fabrics.
How long does a BIOSWEEP treatment take?
It depends on the size of the indoor environment, but most take less than a day.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we guarantee odor removal.
When can I go back into my home?
Treated areas can be re-entered about an hour after completion.
Does BIOSWEEP technology leave an odor?
Properties treated with BIOSWEEP technology usually have a “clean scent” that lasts for 24-48 hours.
How large a property can BIOSWEEP technology treat?
It can range from a car to a 10,000-sq.-ft. building. Larger areas may take more time.
Can BIOSWEEP technology run with people or pets in the room?
Absolutely not. People and pets must leave before BIOSWEEP technology can be used safely.
How do I know it’s safe to re-enter?
We use special monitoring equipment to ensure a building is safe for re-entry after a treatment.
Is BIOSWEEP an ozone generator?
No. Ozone generators only produce ozone. BIOSWEEP technology produces purified trivalent oxygen and hydrogen peroxide and other oxy-radicals. This mixture of gases is 10 times stronger than most ozone generators.
Will it take more than one treatment?
Usually, one treatment is all it takes to get rid of odors. If odors remain, we will treat again at no charge.
Is BIOSWEEP technology green?
Yes, the BIOSWEEP system is environmentally friendly.

Mold Remediation

If I don’t see mold, how can I find out if I have mold?
Testing is the only way that we can verify the presence of mold.
If I have mold, how much does it cost to remove it?
It depends. Every project is different. An onsite inspection will help us to determine the cost for your project. Scope and scale of the project will change the cost.
How long will my mold remediation project take?
It varies from project to project. We do projects that take 1-5 days, and we do projects that take 2 weeks. Once we have a project plan, we can give you a timeline for your specific need.
How much will it cost to inspect my house and determine if I need mold remediation?
If you know that you have mold, and you own the home, there is no cost for the inspection and the estimate. If you don’t know that you have mold, we have to test and the testing will have costs associated.
If I have mold in my crawl space, can it affect my indoor air quality?
Yes, it can, but every house is different and “breathes” differently, so you crawl space may or may not be affecting the indoor air quality.
I can see what looks like mold on my vent registers. It looks black. Can that be black mold?
Probably not, but only testing will confirm.
Is mold remediation covered by homeowners’ insurance?
Sometimes. Your agent will be better able to answer that question. You will need to look at your policy. We are experienced at working with insurance companies on claims.
Can you stay in the home during mold remediation?
Most of the time, yes. In rare cases, we do ask people to evacuate a home during the remediation. A lot of factors go into making that decision, including severity of the problem and the health conditions of the occupants.
Is mold behind drywall dangerous?
Any mold in a home should be removed, not just treated or killed in place. Whether or not mold is dangerous to you is a question for your doctor.
Will mold inside of walls die?
Mold can go dormant if it does not have a water source. It’s like flower seeds in a packet; it can be dormant for years. Even dead mold can cause health problems.