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    Fire Restoration Done Right

    A fire is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In a flash, you can lose cherished memories and the equity you’ve built up in your home. And once it’s over, you’re left wondering how you can rebuild and restore your home. That lingering odor just serves as a reminder of the event. You need experts you can trust to do the job right.

    You don’t want to leave your fire restoration to the lowest bidder. Fire and smoke leave toxic VOCs in the air and seep into your belongings. BIOSWEEP® technology helps to make the site safer sooner and put it back the way it was faster.

    How do we do it? BIOSWEEP® systems use advanced photocatalytic oxidation to create ultra-high levels of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide, purified ozone and hydrogen radicals. These three active exports have penetrating oxidative power that gets rid of virtually any embedded odor in a confined space. It restores healthy indoor air quality. This five-step photocatalytic oxidation system obliterates odor-causing particles at the molecular level and releases harmless water and carbon dioxide.

    Why Choose us for Fire Damage Repair?

    Our System:

    Lessens tear-out & build-back

    Reduce the amount of materials lost with thorough deodorization and careful cleaning. Less tear-out means less build-back, which means the job gets done quicker with less expense.

    Reduces surface cleaning for deodorization

    The BIOSWEEP® system means you won’t need to pay for as much surface cleaning, as the toxic elements are eliminated through the treatment.

    Build back with the same company

    We can manage the build-back work after the fire and smoke remediation, reducing the need for you to manage multiple contractors. We’ll understand the project best.

    Restores most contents onsite

    Get your contents restored without costly separate services and transportation to a specialized facility. Clean your contents in your home.

    Extremely fast treatment times

    The time savings have to be seen to be believed. You’ll be back in your home faster than most other fire restoration companies even think is possible.

    Significantly reduces additional living expenses & business interruption

    The longer you’re out of a home or business, the more the costs stack up. Get back to normal faster and save.

    Experience working with insurance

    We have decades of experience in home services and know how to make the insurance billing and payout processes run smoothly.

    Removes odor permanently – GUARANTEED!

    Because Fire Away Services uses BIOSWEEP® technology, we can offer the BIOSWEEP® guarantee. 

    BIOSWEEP™ Savings


    Days Saved: 14
    Dollars Saved: $35,000
    Small residential fire that had been restored two years ago. The owner still had residual smoke odor in hallway, bathroom, living room, HVAC, and crawl space. When restoration contractors could not solve the issue, BIOSWEEP® was there to help.

    Electronics Repair Center

    Days Saved: 118
    Dollars Saved: $1,069,000
    The building had an electrical fire two years prior. The restoration contractor could not fully resolve residual fire smoke odors, especially in the attic spaces and ceiling insulation. BIOSWEEP® technology saved millions in pull-outs and renovations.

    Strip Shopping Center

    Days Saved: 40
    Dollars Saved: $452,600
    Source area of the fire was approximately 4,000 square feet. Smoke spread quickly throughout the 106,000 square foot structure. BIOSWEEP® technology was able to remove odor from the enormous structure and save retailers weeks of closures.

    Our Fire Restoration Process

    – Engineering Check –

    Depending on the extent of the damage, we may conduct an engineering check to see if the structure is safe for restoration services.

    – BIOSWEEP® Base Treatment –

    The base treatment eliminates harmful VOCs and other compounds.

    – Tearout and inventory –

    We pull out the damaged materials and inventory what needs replacing.

    – Water damage/restoration –

    Often, putting out the fire leaves water damage that requires drying.

    – Soot removal –

    Getting rid of the soot is the first step in the cleaning process.

    – Cleaning –

    Continued cleaning and HEPA vacuuming prepares your home for reconstruction & painting.

    – Demolition –

    Permanent removal of fire-damaged parts of the home that can’t be salvaged.

    – Build Back –

    Restore your home to like-new condition with us handling the insurance paperwork.

    – Design/Build –

    Take the opportunity to make some changes to your home with an experienced contractor.