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    Mold Away Services – Mold Remediation Done Right

    If you have ever found mold in your home, you know how desperate you become to get rid of it as soon as possible. It can be stressful when mold is found in your home or workplace. You have nowhere to go, and the quick fixes are expensive but do not work. You need mold remediation now.

    Mold grows from moisture, which is why cut-rate remediators won’t get the job done. Quick fixes are not the solution: they do not target the source. You cannot possibly target the source if you do not know what it is. This is why you need an expert like BIOSWEEP® of Alabama to come in, find the source of the mold, and advise you how to fix it.

    BIOSWEEP® of Alabama offers a mold removal solution, Mold Away Services, that is much more affordable than what similar companies can offer. Our mold removal process is supercharged with the addition of BIOSWEEP® technology, which works to take mold spores and contaminants out of the air. It is fast, effective, safe, and a long-term solution.

    The Problems of Living with Mold

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    Living with mold can have a variety of impacts on your home and your health. In minor cases, mold can cause congestion, wheezing, sneezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. People with mold allergies or lung obstruction can even get serious infections. Research has even proven that mold exposure has been linked to upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing, and wheezing in perfectly healthy people. For children, the threat could be even worse, with links being found between damp environments and shortness of breath, respiratory symptoms, and development of asthma in otherwise healthy children.

    Mold can also be bad for your home. It can cause bad air quality, stains, and unpleasant odors. 

    You won’t regret
    the call…

    Roy Ponder was a pleasure to work with. He has fantastic interpersonal skills and is very knowledgeable about mold removal. I rate his company as spectacular.

    Richard P.

    Why You Should Call Mold Remediation Experts

    Unfortunately, mold removal really is not something that you can do yourself. When homeowners try to tackle the issue solo, they often opt in for temporary fixes, like sprays, fragrances, or steam cleanings. Or worse, they try to bleach the problem away, because homeowners do not know that bleach doesn’t kill mold.

    These solutions will not solve your problems at the source. You will essentially end up wasting a lot of time, money, and effort, especially because the mold will return if it is not targeted at the source.

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    Our treatment works. What sets us apart from other mold remediation companies is that our BIOSWEEP® technology works to pull contaminants and spores out.

    Our 3-Step Mold Away Services Process

    Our 3-step process ensures you that we can guarantee you great service every time. While your home and the issues you face are unique, this process will help us develop your customized plan of attack.

    – Free Initial Phone Consultation –

    We always offer a free phone consultation before we start. Calling us today will allow you to speak to an expert about the mold problems in your home. We can then schedule an inspection of the home and affected areas.

    – Site Visit –

    After the consultation, we will conduct a site visit where we take a look at your home or property to get a better grip on what the project will look like. Our measurements and our expert eye will give us a solid foundation to complete the plan and present you with a full contract that covers exactly how we’ll solve your mold problem.

    – Execution –

    Our team will then execute the plan. We are fully insured for damage so you don’t need to worry about leaving your property in our care. We respect our clients’ properties and take great care to leave the home in excellent shape after we’ve finished. We value each client as though they were our own family. Additionally, BIOSWEEP® of Alabama has National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) certified experts, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands.


    What to Expect

    While we don’t want to get too technical while explaining the technology behind our BIOSWEEP® treatment, we want you to know exactly what it is that we will be doing.

    moisture and mold testing meter

    For mold elimination, there are several options for removing mold, mildew, or odor-causing bacteria. If the mold growth is extensive, the area where the mold is present may need to be torn out.

    First we carefully remove the mold with a long process of vacuuming and wiping. We study and train hard to hone our skills, and we’ve earned certifications from the National Organization for Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI).

    Next, we add the special sauce that takes our remediation to the next level. Our equipment’s unique process, called Phocatox, combines the latest in airborne and surface decontamination technology. High-intensity Phocatox technology eliminates airborne and surface organic molecules and microorganisms. BIOSWEEP’s proven BIOSWEEP® Base Treatment is able to remove airborne and superficial surface mold spores and mold-related odors resulting from the restoration project. And BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment lays a protective shield against the mold’s return by repelling and inhibiting pathogen mold and bacterial growth on treated surfaces for up to 12 months.

    BIOSWEEP® technology has a plethora of benefits.The results are permanent because it targets the source. There is a fast recovery, and it is non-corrosive, residue-free, material compatible, fabric safe, and easy to deploy. Our BIOSWEEP® technology exceeds all IAQ remediation standards and has been proven to work. It is cost-effective, also because it does not consume a lot of power. The high-quality results of Biosweep are undeniable.

    Enjoying Your Home Again

    We do not just cover up mold stains; we get rid of your home problems at the source in order to eliminate the mold and humidity. And now that those relentless issues are gone, you finally have your home back. You’ll be able to invite friends over without shame. You can get more for your home when you decide to sell if it doesn’t have a mold issue to deal with too. But best of all, you’ll feel comfortable in your own home again. You can relax without that recurring mold ruining your home’s ambiance.

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    Why Us?

    Like we said previously, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Not only do we aim to give you a solution to your mold issues, but we want the process to be as pleasant for you as possible.

    His services were $2k under the cost of what we were quoted for virtually the same work from 2 other companies … BioSweep went above and beyond the scope of what we additionally agreed upon, with no extra charges.

    Charles B.

    Choose Mold Away Services

    Roy Ponder, Owner of Biosweep

    Essentially, we are here to serve you. This is why we have our 3-step process, free consultation, 100% customer satisfaction, and low costs. Mold is not something that homeowners want to deal with. Going through the process of ridding your home of mold can be stressful, expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

    We believe that everyone has a right to live and work in a property that is free from mold. This is why we want to make the process as affordable and stress-free as possible for you. We consistently have customers come back to us to express how happy they are with the new state of their home and improved mold-free life. This can be you. Do not waste your time on any more temporary and expensive quick fixes that will not solve your issue at its core. Do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation with one of our NORMI experts. We look forward to working with you and bringing your home back.