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    At BIOSWEEP™ of Alabama, we know the problems of living with smoke odor from a fire or smoke event. The unpleasant smell of smoke reminds you of a traumatic experience constantly. Not only does it affect your life, it can bring down the value of your home or business, making it a place where family, friends, and customers don’t want to spend time.

    The BIOSWEEP™ proprietary technology eliminates odors quickly, with a typical job having a 24-hour turnaround. Our years of experience mean the insurance process is a breeze for our customers. Best of all, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with smoke odor removal. We work until the smoke smell is gone!

    The Problems of Lingering Smoke

    You put a lot of time and effort into making your home or business a comfortable place for your family or your customers and employees. A welcoming environment does not include the nastiness of smoke odor that hangs around long after a fire or smoke event. No one wants to spend time in a place that smells like smoke.

    To make matters worse, new research shows that smoke smell may be more than just unpleasant. According to the Mayo Clinic, the indoor air pollutants found in “third-hand smoke” can create a toxic mix of cancer-causing compounds. It’s a health risk to even nonsmokers and could affect children worst of all. Third-hand smoke sticks to surfaces, furniture, objects and builds up over time.

    As this residue builds up in an indoor environment, it becomes more and more important to get rid of it, especially if children are present as they are more likely to get the mixture on their hands and ingest it.

    Call the Smoke Removal Experts

    BIOSWEEP™ is the only technology on the market that can fully eliminate smoke odors and the harmful pollutants that come with them. Our Base Treatment destroys airborne and surface contaminants inside enclosed spaces without the use of chemicals or sprays. Plus it’s non-toxic, which means you don’t have to worry about pets or children.

    Don’t trust the so-called experts who propose DIY solutions. Smoke odors are too extensive and too invasive to leave to something as cheap as candles or air fresheners. Even HEPA filter systems won’t be enough to completely get rid of the toxic leftovers. All odors come from either a biological or chemical root source. You need technology that can attack that source, or else it will come back.

    The unique BIOSWEEP™ Phocatox system is a top-of-the-line technology that destroys airborne and surface contamination. Once an odor is removed with Phocatox technology, it stays gone. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed! We promise to keep working until the smoke odor is gone.

    Our 3-Step Process to Smoke Removal

    We’ve figured out that smoke removal works best if we use the same process for every customer. That way we can guarantee that the smoke odor will be eliminated. Our thorough professionals will walk you through the process, but first, you have to call.

    – 1 –
    The Free Smoke Removal Consultation

    The first step is getting in touch with the right experts who can give you the right solutions. Our odor removal experts have seen it all and will know what’s best for your situation. We can give you a good idea of what kind of services you’ll need. Please don’t paint or encapsulate your structure before we treat it.

    – 2 –
    Site Visit

    Our expert takes a look (and a sniff) of the situation. There may be a range of sources for smoke odor. The harmful VOCs may have penetrated deeply into your home or business and the contents inside. Only through a site visit can an expert plan the next step in your smoke removal.

    – 3 –

    With a specially formulated plan using BIOSWEEP™, our team gets to work. You spend a night away from your property as we strategically place our technological solutions. We treat your property as if it were our own. After treatment, if there is any reason to think the smoke odor has returned, call us, and we will re-treat at no additional cost.

    When you choose us as your smoke restoration provider, you are choosing a trusted company who values integrity. Our entire company is committed to the highest standards in the industry. We are results focused, which means we get your home back to normal sooner.